WA Health Care Authority pays 25% of usual fees for adults, 40% for children, we work hard with little compensation to help with the following limited services:

ADULT: tooth extraction
CHILDREN: vision and limited dental care

Drs. Kevin Dang and Michelle Ngo came to the US as poor immigrant teenagers 35 years ago. College scholarship have turned those desperate kids into good healthcare providers. We wish to give back to the community by proving care to the low income.

Ninety nine percent of medicaid patients appreciate our effort. Unfortunately, one percent is demanding, abusive (in the clinic and online) and sometimes violent. Some think that we insult them in telling the true dental condition or how low the State pays in a treatment plan. Hurtful comments from a few discourage us from helping the majority of needy patients.

If you have severe dental fear, we offer affordable oral sedation for your comfort. Please save up in order to get out of pain and infection as soon as possible.

The no-show rate for medicaid patients is high. Please reschedule at least 24 hours prior to appointment.

Thank you for helping us to help YOU.