Allow me to preface my review by saying that I had a very extensive procedure performed, and that it was done under Apple Health, which only pays a small portion of the typical rates. I also did a fair amount of research into this procedure and read page after page of people’s experiences and they typically experienced a prolonged period of discomfort, etc., and so I had a lot of anxiety about the experience.

Dr. Dang and his entire staff were very kind & reassuring. Dr. Dang made it clear to me that, even though he was only receiving a fraction of the typical fee, that he made no differentiation between Apple Health subscribers or any other patient in his care and this quickly became apparent. Not only was the staff very supportive, professional & reassuring, but Dr. Dang took great care in my treatment. Despite the extensive work done, only 24-hours later I have not had to take pain meds , and I am certain that is due – in large part – to the skills & professionalism of Dr. Dang. (I have a relative who had the exact same procedure done in another part of the state who severe discomfort and required extensive pain care for an entire week afterwards).

A co-care provider (who does not know Dr. Dang) saw me today for follow-up care, and said that he, “…did excellent work,” and that it made his, “…job much easier.”

Whether under Apple Health or a top-shelf insurer, I don’t think you will find more skilled or caring services than Dr. Dang and his staff. Highly recommended!

Curtis Enlow