Dentist that I trust!! – To be fair, this place deserves much better respect than some of the reviews that I’ve seen. I used to go there as a patient (now I moved far away so I can’t go there any more). In my honest opinion, he genuinely cares about his patients. Yes, he did express his frustration a few times (while I was on the dental chair) about some patients not compliant with his treatment recommendation, canceling the appointment at the last minute or not showing up at all for the appointments, all of which cause a lot of stress since this place accepts Medicaid, and it is business to run..(there aren’t that many private dental clinics that accept Medicaid because they don’t really make money off Medicaid patients in general.) Yes, he can work on communication part a bit better, but if you ask him about your treatment options or your dental concerns, he will tell you straight and honestly the best options for you. He is one of the most clinically competent dentists I have ever seen. It seems there has been some misunderstanding about this dentist probably due to the cultural differences. You just need to respect him and his time, and he will do the same favor for you. Also, they have Vision Center, so if you have both dental and vision insurance benefits, you can get both dental care and eye exam/eye glasses at the same place. The optometrist is very nice, too. I’d go there again 100% if I lived closer. The place is right across Everett Costco, and they keep their place extremely clean (excellent infection control), which I think is also an important element in choosing the right dentist.