Hello, my name is Matthew Moore. Just a couple months ago I had my remaining teeth extracted by Kevin Dang. I have just one more appointment before I get my full set of dentures. If you could please tell Mr. Dang a Thank You I would really appreciate it. If he would of never extracted my infected teeth I don’t know what I would of been able to do. I feel so much healthier and I was also able to quit smoking cigarettes just a week ago after having smoked for over 10 years. Kevin made it possible for me to quit smoking by taking away all the tooth pain I ever had away. He was so professional and quick with extracting my teeth I almost couldn’t believe it happened so quickly and with minimal pain. In all my experiences with dentists, Kevin Dang is by far the best in the dental industry. He knows what he is doing and he knows what needs to be done concerning patients mouths to take away their pain and also make them smile.

I intend to make another future appointment after I have gotten used to my dentures just for a checkup or something as I would also like to thank Mr. Dang in person and fill him in on how well my life has changed thanks to him.

Matthew Moore