Dear Dr. Dang,

I just wanted to express an appreciation for things you’ve done for me when nobody else was willing to do half as much. I’ve went from having horrible experiences with dentists and a lack of care to my wellness, to having the joy of having a great, kind, caring and proficient dentist. I can’t express how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me when I was in pain and in need of good care. It may have seemed it wasn’t that way I’m saying because of the appointment I missed, but my friends and I that served together in the military are the strongest brothers I have and I had lost yet another one of my brothers in arms and had special detail at the funeral and I was having an extremely hard time with a lot of emotion and sadness. I apologize for letting you down & you have my word it will never happen again. Once again thank you!

Sincerely from your royal client & friend,

Jeremy Ferchert

P.S. – You’re number 1 !!!