Dear Dr. Dang,

Thank you for your caring and professionally proficient treatment of my husband, Jerry Crick. We appreciate your helps so much!


Barbara & Jerry Crick


Dr. Amy Thompson, DDS
New Life Dental Arts

Dear Dr. Thompson:

Thank you so much for referring my husband, Jerry, to Dr. Kevin Dang at Silver Creek Dental for an extraction. Dr. Dang’s office worked to get Jerry in quickly. We had an appointment the next day! The doctor treated us professionally and caringly! The extraction was a difficult procedure because of one of the roots being close to a sinus cavity. Dr. Dang took his time, while maintaining a gentle touch and thorough approach. He explained what he was doing and why. Because of Jerry’s special needs he took care to prescribe a pain medication that Jerry could tolerate. At the end of the procedure he made an appointment for Jerry to return the next day in order to make sure things were going well.

It is rare to locate a dentist who accepts Medicaid. It is even more rare to find a dentist who accepts patients and then treats them with exceptional kindness and complete professionalism! In my opinion, whether a patient has Medicaid or private insurance, Dr. Dang will be a valuable referral source. I hope you will keep this information on file!

Thank you,

Barbara Crick

CC: Dr. Kevin Dang